—Without a song

or a dance what are we?

What do people do? I guess there is not a soul who does only one thing. We do several things. Some are dentist who can sing heartbreaking renditions of Hoagy Carmichael songs. Some are gangsters who love to trim the nails of their pet mutt. You see we are a plethora of things. I for one like designin stuff, drawing, playing music, restauring what is fading .... Let's reserve this column for uploading, to my taste, meaningfull subjects.

—Today's item

up for scrutiny

As part of a free electro-acoustic project called 'de Kleurencirel' I recently had the pleasure to play in this interesting place called 'De Singer', a hidden gem somewhere in the rural part of Antwerp. We have a document of this performance and as we speak (or write) it is being mixed and mastered by our founding member. The image is a link to the webpage of the project.

foto © Guy Van de Poel