When I have an idea for new work, I like to come up with an umbrella. Something that spans over the entire project. For this one I started making abstract electronic music with cheap synths. The focal point of the produced music was nostalgic memory triggered by sounds from a certain era. I like techno music for the uneasiness it delivers. Thanks to reverb units and echo chambers the sound floats in a nonexistent place. It is this place that triggers memory for some reason. I've been trying to reach this on a visual basis. In my mind there are no unicorns, pink desserts, sexy elfs. I believe it to be raw and unfiltered. This selection of collages for silk screen print represent images only found in nature. Let's call them elements. Carefully selected and subjected to graphic tools to become grayscales. Dots, and lines. Shapes within these images are only apparent on a large scale. When screenprinted on a papersize of 18 by 24 inches they reveal all their intricacies. This is an ongoing project. When I have finished a series I would like to have it printed and exhibited. These images give you a rough idea, but a jpeg only takes you so far. I would like to present them accompanied by sound. But maybe that is giving away to much. I don't know. Whenever I come up with an improvement I will post it. As for the music I would eventually present it as a recording or a live performance.